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Best A3 DTF Printer For Small Business 2022 With White Ink Circulation Stirring System

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Textek A3 DTF printer supports CMYK+W+Fluorescent ink printing. At the same time, in order to prevent the white ink from clogging the print head, we are equipped with a white ink circulation stirring system to effectively prevent it. A3DTF printer, small size, low cost, which is very suitable for personalized customization, with low input cost and high profit.
Printhead: 2*EPSON XP600
Printing Speed: 4.5sqm/h
Print Width: 30cm(12 inch)
Ink: 4C+W or 6C+W Pigment Ink
Ink Color: 6 Color Printing
RIP Software: Maintop, Photoprint

Due to the characteristics of white ink itself, white ink is more likely to precipitate than other colors of ink, resulting in blockage of the printhead, unable to eject ink, and affecting work efficiency. Therefore, we are equipped with two settings of circulation and stirring, which can effectively reduce the precipitation of white ink.

And we are equipped with a separate ink shortage alarm for each color of ink, which can clearly distinguish the color of the lack of ink, add ink in time, reduce labor costs, and ensure printing efficiency.

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