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Commen FAQs about our DTF printer product

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Q:What is your advantages?

A: Our printer is equipped with 2pcs Epson XP600 printhead, with white ink circulation system, support CMYK+W+Fluorescent ink printing.


Q: What is the ink color?

A: A3 DTF printer can use CMYK+W+Fluorescent ink, is equipped with white ink circulation system, avoid printhead blockage.


Q: What can you offer?

A: We provide one-stop service including DTF printer, powder shaker machine, DTF ink, pet film, powder, etc.


Q: Can the DTF printer print on dark fabrics?

A: Yes, of course, DTF printer can print on light and black fabrics, not limited by fabric and color, especially for DIY printing.


Q:What products can print on using DTF Printer?

A: You can print on T-shirt, Hoodies, Jeans, Swimsuit, Polo, Pillow, Hat, Shoes,etc.


Q: What software this printer use?

A: DTF printer can support Photoprint, Maintop, etc. software.


Q: What certificates do your printers have?

A: CE certificate for DTF printer, MSDS certificate for the ink,pet film and powder.


Q: How many times can the printed T shirt be washed?

A: About 30-50 times, and the printed t shirts are scratch-resistant and fade-resistant


Q: What's your delivery time?

A: Usually 7-15 working days after received the payment based on the order volume.


Q: Are you a manufacturer or trade agent?

A: We are the top manufacturer of digital printer in China with more than 20 years experience. We can provide digital printers and accessories.


Q: How can I install and start to use the printer?

A: Normally we provide detailed installation tutorial videos and user manuals. And we also have professional technician to support you when you have any questions.


Q: Is there any warranty for this printer?

A: Yes, we provide 1 year warranty for the printers and with perfect after-sales service.


Q: If I have some technical problem, how can you help us to solve it?

A: We will be responsible for after-sales service. You can send us detailed description, photos or video, then our technician give professional solution accordingly.


Q: How do you deliver the printer to me?

A: 1. If you have a freight forwarder in China, we can arrange to deliver the goods to your freight forwarder’s warehouse.

2. If you do not have a freight forwarder in China, we can find cost-effective freight forwarders and transportation methods for you to deliver the goods to your country.

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