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Best DTF printer in 2022

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DTF Printing is also referred to as Direct To Film Printer, it works by printing transfers that are heat pressed to a variety of garments and other substrates.  DTF printing over traditional printing is that it is highly sustainable making it the most versatile digital printer in the market. When you have this machine, you can…Print on any kind of fabric, no matter dark or light. There can be more varieties in your product line. Save labor costs, and one employee can operate the machine.

DTF PET Film Printing Machine with Powder Shaking integrates vinyl powder coating and drying into one machine. When the film/vinyl is dried out, it can be used to transfer print onto the garment. DTF printing machine is a heat transfer process that has the ability to last as long as traditional silkscreen prints. Below,  you should know about DTF technology before implementing it in your business.  Following is the most popular two kind DTF printer in 2022!

A3 DTF Printer

The primary characteristic of DTF is that it enables the freedom of using whatever fabric. The DTF printing machines are compatible with various materials and produce colorful and durable designs. 

This method involves using PET films and six-color ink tanks. 

Fine filtration, not easy to block the printhead.

These printers can be integrated into computer software for multiple options regarding printing, ink, and color characteristics.

DTF prints are coated with an adhesive powder that makes them more durable.

The process eliminates any pretreatment requirement, color mixing, darkroom, or drying period and works on light and dark fabrics (the image also takes a few minutes to dry!)

DTF printing cuts the heavy investment requirement and operates through CMYK inks. 

Suitable for a variety of fabrics, cotton, polyester, etc.

Other elements involved in direct-to-film printing are an automatic powder shaker to remove excess, a curing oven to melt the powder, a heat press machine for transferring images, and inks that are the pigments for the images.

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