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The price of a DTF printer depends largely on your application. For different applications, DTF printers are equipped with different technologies. This is why the price of DTF printers ranges from $3000 to $10000.

If you are a small and medium-sized business owner with a limited budget and are looking for a reasonably priced DTF printer, printers ranging from $3000 to $6000 can certainly meet your needs. The final price depends on your requirements for DTF printers. For example, if you want the best print performance, you might want to choose a better and more expensive print head.

If you are the owner of a factory and are looking for a DTF printer that can achieve mass production and has high industrial quality, the large-size DTF printer may be your first choice, and its price usually exceeds $10000.


DTF printer is directly connected to the film printer. It first uses DTF ink to print on PET film. The printed pattern will be transferred to the garment through necessary steps such as hot-melt powder and hot pressing. The unique and innovative printing concept makes DTF printer special and charming, so more and more sublimation and DTG printer users are accepting this new printing technology. DTF printer overcomes the limitations of sublimation printer and DTG printer. The two types of printers have one thing in common: they have component limitations on the substrate. DTF printer provides durable high-quality printing effect, which can be printed on all fabrics / leather that cannot be printed by sublimation /dtg printer.


There are many factors that affect the printing speed, but the factors we often discuss are the pattern and the DPI (dots per inch) of the print head. Under the same DPI, the better the print head, the faster the printing speed. But for the same print head, the higher the DPI, the slower the printing speed, because it needs to print high-quality patterns more carefully.

With the changing needs of consumers, whether the patterns on clothing are light / antioxidant / waterproof / scratch resistant and durable will affect their choices. Therefore, you should be careful when selecting the print head and carefully consider what quality / effect it can print.

Humanized waste ink tank, replace sponge,convenient, no peculiar smell.

Fluorine rubber pressure roller reduces static electricity and ensures accurate paper feeding.

DTF printing steps

Upload and process your designs / graphics.

Printed on PET film.

Cover the pattern / pattern with hot melt adhesive powder and shake.

Oven drying.

Hot pressing process.

Tear off the PET film and complete the transfer.

DTF printer prints for fabrics.png

DTF printer allows you to print on various substrates at a relatively low price, such as T-shirts and souvenirs of various materials, which is more friendly to beginners because it requires fewer and simpler steps to complete printing. The DTF printer also provides what you see is the printing experience you get.

However, if you have strict requirements for the texture of the printed pattern, the sublimation /dtg printer may be more suitable for you. The tactile effect of these two printing technologies is better, but the cost is a more time-consuming printing process. In addition, if you want to print extraordinary patterns with a DTG printer, you need to have rich experience in color mixing.

Before making a purchase decision, you also need to consider some core technical parameters, such as the maximum print resolution of the print head, print width, print speed, etc.

Direct To Film PrinterDTF.png

As more and more organizations turn to DTF printers, the printing industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years. With "printer direct to film" or "printer DTF", you can get a variety of colors with simple, convenient and consistent performance. In addition, the DTF printer is now a reliable and cost-effective machine. So let's take a closer look at what direct to film printer can do for you.


Direct film or DTF is a process that transfers printing to fabric or other substrates by using a hot pressing mechanism. Fabric or other substrates using a hot pressing mechanism. Different from the DTG method only applicable to cotton fabrics and the DTG method only applicable to cotton fabrics, the printer DTF method can be applied to cotton and polyester blended fabrics.


As the name suggests, the direct to film printer allows you to print designs on film and transfer them directly to the desired surface, such as fabric. The key reason why printer DTF is becoming more and more attractive is that it gives you the freedom to choose almost any surface for printing?

DTF printer technology allows you to easily print on cotton and polyester

You can buy synthetic fiber or silk without any trouble. In addition, DTFprinters can work on dark and white fabrics without pressing on expensive a and B paper.

First, implementing printer DTF in your printing business does not require a lot of investment. Whether you are a novice in the printing industry or want to adjust dtfprinting to expand your business, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at these printers.

DTF improved printers usually have multicolor inks t& NK。 These tanks provide the printer with the convenience of operating with CMYK settings. DTF printer inks are specifically designed for this process.

In addition, the DTF process eliminates the use of scroll wheels that previously caused the page to slide. This corrects the appearance of any lining on the white layer plot. So, if you are. DTF is a flawless final design printing technology, which can accurately describe the image you want on the fabric.


Hot melt rubber powder

Direct film printing powder is a white granular product used as an adhesive. This helps locate the color pigments in the printer to the surface to be printed. However, this stfhot melt has several grades, in microns.

Direct film printer film

DTF printers use PET films because they are different from those used in screen printing. These films are also called DTF transmission films in the market. You can use it as a slice for small-scale use, or as a volume for large commercial settings. PET films are divided into two categories according to temperature. These are cold peel films and not p-type films.

DTF printer ink

The inks used in the printer DTF are unique pigments designed in cyan, yellow, magenta, white and black. White ink forms the basis of printing, while color pigments will be designed to print on film.

Curing furnace

This is a small industrial oven used to melt the shot peening powder of the printer, and then put it on the transfer film. Alternatively, you can use a hot press to perform this function. However, it is helpful if you use the press in non-contact mode.

Hot press

This device helps transfer printed images from film to the desired surface or fabric. You can also use this machine to melt

Powder on DTF film.

DTF printer software

Software is an important part of DTF printer. This is because the software will affect the ink color performance, printing characteristics and final printing performance. For DTF printing, you need special IP software to handle white and CMYK colors.

This is critical because the software controls the color drop size, ink volume, and several key factors that affect print quality.

Automatic powder vibrator

This direct film printer assembly is more common in commercial applications (when DTF printers use powder). In addition, the powder mixer can also remove excess powder.

Primary color printers, prominent in small inkjet DTF printers for more than 5 years. Printing on almost anything, this direct film transfer printer brings endless possibilities to your business.

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