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DTF printer user purchase instructions

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Product Name: A3 Epson xp600 DTF printer

Print head type: Epson double xp600 printheads

Ink type: DTF ink

Ink color: 4 or 6 colors (4C + W or 6C + W)

Pressing temperature: 160-170 ℃ (cold stripping / hot stripping)


DTF Printer1.jpg

1. The guide rail is quiet and the printing noise is low

2. PET film roll printing

3. White ink mixing system

4. High definition printing

DTF is a new technology that allows users to print designs / artwork on transfer film. Then, these films are transferred to the selected clothing using an adhesive, which can be used as long as a screen print.

The DTF process is as simple as its name implies. Print on film using DTF printer and transfer directly to fabric. It is suitable for 100% cotton, polyester, 50 / 50 blend and so on!

·No pretreatment required

Transfer the powder onto the fabric


The image won't crack and feels softer

·More durable

Suitable for all fabrics - cotton, polyester, 50 / 50 blend, nylon, leather and so on!

·CMYK + white for printing

·A3 + size (large print area)

·White ink mixing can solve the problem of ink clogging.

·Transparent top window so that you can view the print work status

·Based on xp600 printer.

DTF Printer2.jpg


1. Print the image on the matte surface of the film in mirror mode (CMYK > white ink)

2. Evenly apply hot melt powder and remove excess powder

3. Hover baking hot melt powder (170 ° C / 338 ° F, 5 minutes)

4. Transfer the image by hot pressing under medium pressure for 15 seconds at 140 ° C or 284 ° f

5. Cool and peel (gently remove the film)

What is included?

·A3 size DTF printer

·6 * 100ml ink (CMYK + WW)

·100 A3 size PET films

·2 pounds of hot melt rubber powder

·RIP software

·Life support

·2-year limited warranty (warranty does not include print head and ink system)

DTF Printer5.jpg

If you are not ready to start this business, do not buy.

If you do not know how to use the basic software (Photoshop, RIP software), please do not buy

If you do not know how to maintain the printer, please do not buy!

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already1Netizens expressed their views:

  • DTF-Printer-Machine

    DTF-Printer-Machine  评论于 [2022-08-25 18:33:47]  回复

    What are the benefits of owning a DTF printer?
    The benefits of having a DTF printer include faster printing time, the ability to print on a variety of different fabrics, permanent ink that does not fade over time, and low cost per print. In addition, these printers are usually small in size and light in weight, making it easy to move from one location to another.
    Is the DTF printer expensive?
    The cost of DTF printers varies by manufacturer and model, but typically ranges from $3500 to $7000. Is the DTF printer worth it? I think so! You have saved enough time for me to recommend these machines.
    Is it difficult to use DTF printer?
    The DTF printer is actually very easy to use! Simply insert it (or turn on the battery powered unit), load the fabric into the specified tray, use the knob on the side or top of each machine to adjust the width guide, and then select the image to be printed on a specific material type before clicking print.

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