DTF Transfer Printer

DTF Transfer Printer For Sale
It is a new technology for T-shirt heat transfer - digital offset heat transfer. You can use our DTF printer to freely print the designed pattern on the coated PET film, then cover the printed pattern with this powder, and then transfer it to various fabrics through a heat transfer machine or electric iron. After the DTF printing process, a medium or fine white adhesive powder is used to form an adhesive layer. Special thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) hot melt rubber powder, also known as PET film powder and rubber powder. It can be used in personalized T-shirts, team clothes, work clothes, advertising T-shirts, jerseys, bags and other fields. The transferred image has color retention and multi washing resistance. Replacing solid color HTV and eco solvent printable vinyl will be the trend in the future. DTF printer powder is designed for printing on DTF or direct transfer film.
Name Printhead Printing Speed Print Width Ink Ink Color RIP Software
A3 DTF Printer 2*EPSON XP600 4.5sqm/h 30cm(12 inch) CMYK+W Pigment Ink 6 Color Printing Maintop, Photoprint
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