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FAQ about DTF Printer - Part 2

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1.Q: What materials can DTF printer print on?

A: No choice of fabrics, wide applicability, both light and dark fabrics

2.Q: What products can print on using DTF Printer?

A: You can print on T-shirt, Hoodies, Jeans, Swimsuit, Polo, Pillow, Hat, Shoes, etc.

3.Q: What different between DTF printing and traditional heat transfer printing?

A: DTF printing does not require engraving and waste disposal, and the process is simple. The most important thing is that the heat transfer of dark fabrics is directly printed with color and white, and dark fabrics can be directly transferred as light fabrics.

4.Q: What different between DTF printer and DTG printer?

A: Different printing process, DTG is printed directly on the textile fabric, while DTF is first printed on the PET film and then transferred to the textile fabric.

Small footprint and low cost.

5.Q: Can the DTF printer print on dark fabrics?

A: Yes, DTF printer can print white color, so it can print on dark fabrics.

6.Q: What other equipment and materials are needed?

A: The equipment needed are oven and heat press machine; The materials needed are pet film, DTF powder and dtf ink. The overall solution is low investment cost.

Can print a variety of colors and fabrics.

7.Q: Is the investment cost of the overrall solution high?

A:The overall solution is low investment cost. The overall solution has a small footprint and is easy to move, providing convenience for small entrepreneurs. Effectively reduce inventory costs, only need to store PET film according to market conditions.

8.Q: Where can I buy the spare parts and ink.

A: Our printer does not come with ink, if you need to buy with the ink together, please contact us. We also provide the spare parts, and printing materials, such as PET film, dtf powder, etc. If you need, please contact us.

9.Q: What is the warranty of dtf printer?

A: Our factory provides one year of warranty, except print head and other ink contact parts.

Small footprint and low cost.

10. Q: How can we start to use the printer?

A: We will send the manual with the package of the printer. Please read the manual before using and operate.

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