Impresoras dtf precio en Colombia
Textek permite a los socios y clientes de todo el mundo disfrutar de los mejores precios, incluyendo los precios de las impresoras dtf en Colombia.

Impresora DTF Colombia Precio

Features: Siempre hay muchos clientes colombianos que buscan el precio de nuestras impresoras dtf, queremos proporcionarle un servicio de alta calidad, responder a sus preguntas, ya sea logística o métodos de uso dtf, si desea convertirse en un agente, le proporcionaremos un servicio VIP detallado.
Product description
DTF printing can maximize your personalized value. For a long time, the pursuit of trend and personality has become a way for many people to realize their self-worth, which is perfectly reflected in life. Now DTF printing enables any recognized value to be reflected in your belongings.

1.T-shirt. One of the most common products for DTF printing is T-shirts.
2.A pocket on a Hoodie or shirt.
3.Hat. From baseball caps, truck driver hats to other styles of hats, it is difficult to print them without damaging them. DTF printing technology can print logos and designs on hats with challenging shapes.
4.Print labels. Many clothing companies choose to print labels inside their clothing products, and DTF printing is a way to achieve this.
5.Shorts / pants. Unlike T-shirts and other clothing, DTF printing allows you to print logos and designs on shorts or pants.
6.Bag. DTF can be printed on handbags, waist bags, wallets, Drawstring Bags and many other types of bags.
7.Flag / banner. DTF printing need not be limited to wearable fabrics. Other items, such as flags, banners and tablecloths, can be printed on them for events and expositions.
8.KUZ. Another popular non clothing print is koozies, which keeps canned and bottled drinks cold. Any other fabric items. There are no restrictions on the creation of DTF printing in clothing.
More advantages of DTF printing:
1.It's easy to learn
2.No pretreatment of the fabric is required
3.The ink used in this process is reduced by about 75%
4.Better print quality
5.Compatible with multiple materials
6.Unparalleled quality and high productivity
7.Requires less space than other technologies

DTF printing is more versatile than other printing technologies. DTF can be printed on various fabrics, including cotton, nylon, rayon, polyester, leather, silk, etc.
DTF printing has revolutionized the textile industry and updated textile creation for the digital age. The process is simple: digital artwork is made, printed on film, and then transferred to fabric.
Technical data
A3 DTF Printer A3 Pro DTF Printer 60cm DTF Printer
2*XP600 printheads, the color is more delicate, inkjet is smooth. Platform accuracy is ±2 wires (0.02mm), and flatness of platform is guaranteed to greatest extent. Printhead: 2/4*Epson I3200-A1
Liftable capping station, can be adjusted automatically. There is a shaft under fuselage, can make film close to heating to ensure better dehumidification and drying effect. Support 4-head configuration, faster printing speed and higher efficiency.