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Knowledge About Direct To Film Printers

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How much do you know about digital textile printing?

 The printed matter you see on T-shirts, whether it is images, signs or slogans, is carried out through a process called digital printing. The latest technology in the field of digital printing is direct film (DTF) printing.

Compared with being directly used for clothing or DTG printing, they are easier to obtain, faster, cheaper and more efficient. Of course, since they entered the market, they have been greatly welcomed.

This process is completed with the help of a specific type of printer (called a direct film printer). You can find printers of different specifications and models, although the latest printers promise higher output and efficiency while ensuring the same quality.

Therefore, some companies that need to mass produce such products have turned to the new generation of DTF printers.

Please read on to find out what high-capacity printers are, their advantages over conventional direct film printers, and why they are popular.

A new generation of large capacity T-shirt transfer printer

Direct film printers are supported by advanced technology called direct film (DTF) transport. Pre designed images, signs or designs are pre considered in the computer. And then directly printed on the film with textile ink. A special type of film called pet or polyethylene terephthalate is used for printing inks.

Then, an adhesive force is applied, and then the hot press heats the sheet to a specific temperature. After peeling off the layer, the prepared sheet will be automatically transferred to the shirt. When operating the device, it should be remembered that the pressing time is relatively short and the duration is no more than 15 seconds. It is fast, efficient and fast.

Although direct to film printers have existed for a period of time and have gained great popularity, the next generation of improved, efficient and intelligent direct film printers are still on the market.

They offer a variety of advantages to screen printers, large Custom T-Shirt shops and wholesalers. Early printers or smaller "shake and bake" printers did not have many of these features.

The following are the benefits associated with using these new generation DTF printers:

They print on a roll of 24 inch film at extremely high speed.

They are also equipped with a built-in vibrating screen and a special DTF hot-melt powder applicator.

An "automatic dryer" is installed on the printer to make the process easier.

The transmission scrolls again on the output side.

What is fascinating is that these printers can generate hundreds or even thousands of transmissions in an hour. Such an amazing volume is unheard of.

The reason behind the incredible popularity of direct film printers

One of the main reasons for the popularity of direct film technology in the T-shirt transfer market is the quality of its universal application.

This means that the film can be applied to any fabric you want to use. 

It has a little expansion and contraction, will not crack or peel off, and is very suitable for enhancing the attractiveness of materials. With the help of the hot press, the hot press application time is only 10 to 15 seconds.

They have many similarities with the plastisol transfer using the screen printing process. The design of screen printing is printed on special release paper, not directly on shirts.

Because DTF is digitally printed, you have many choices in terms of color, graphics or related factors. However, you don't have to worry about minimum order, color separation, exposure or cleaning after the whole process.

What companies have chosen the new direct movie delivery?

Tk-a3 and other new direct film printers have brought many benefits, but the most prominent point is the extreme affordability of their overall output.

For example, you may need to pay $250000 or more to buy a DTG printer. However, the cost of a high-capacity DTF printer is about $25000. Needless to say, this is an excellent deal and one of the main reasons why this printer is becoming more and more popular among small businesses and large companies.

So, what types of companies have entered these printers, found them useful, and are eager to have as many printers as possible?

The largest buyers of such direct transfer film printers are large-scale customized T-shirt wholesalers around the world, or wholesalers who need to produce large quantities of T-shirts every day throughout the year.

In addition, local T-shirt dealers and enterprises also have a considerable demand for these robust, efficient and results oriented printers.

Equally fascinating is that the appearance of these printers in the market has attracted other buyers, who prefer low-end and cheaper direct garment making or DTG printers, such as Epson f2100 or brother GTX.

They chose DTF because it is faster, easier and can be applied to a variety of fabrics. Another benefit associated with this is that in addition to T-shirts, you can also sell and transfer them. It can also improve the overall value of the product.



The following is some information about direct film printers and the new generation of high-capacity T-shirt printers, which are all the rage in the textile printing industry.

This is a fast, efficient and convenient way to ensure that your prints on fabrics are of the highest quality and make them durable. If you are looking for high-quality direct film printers that guarantee quality and quantity, then the next generation of DTF printers will hardly make mistakes.

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