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DTF Printer Price

DTF printing is also known as direct to film printer. The price of DTF printer is a topic of concern to users. Its working principle is to print the transfer printing of hot pressing on various clothing and other substrates. Compared with traditional printing, DTF printing has a high degree of sustainability, making it the most common digital printer in the market. When you have this machine, you can... Print on any kind of fabric, whether dark or light. Your product line can have more varieties. Save labor costs, one employee can operate the machine. DTF printer is a machine integrating vinyl powder coating and drying. When the film / vinyl resin is dry, it can be used to transfer printing to clothes. DTF printing machine is a heat transfer process, and its service life is the same as that of traditional screen printing. Next, you should understand DTF technology before applying it to your business. Here are some of the most popular DTF printers in 2022. Welcome to inquire about the price of DTF printer!

70cm DTF Printer DTF Pet Film Printer FD70
Printhead: 2*EPSON I3200-A1
Printing Speed: 12-15sqm/h
Print Width: 70cm(24 inch)
Ink: CMYK+W Pigment Ink
Ink Color: 4 Color Printing
RIP Software: Maintop, Photoprint
Product Features
1) Not limited by fabrics, lower power consumption and stronger performance.
2) White ink circulation system prevents settling and clogging nozzle.
3) Support CMYK+W ink printing, bright color, better printing effect
4) U.S.A rubber press roller, reduce static electricity and ensure even paper feeding, improve printing efficiency.
5) Adjustable liftable capping station, seals better with carriage and protects Epson I3200-A1 printhead.
  • Epson Printhead
    Epson Printhead
    2/4pcs Epson I3200-A1 printhead, stable printing, high resolution.
  • Ink Cartridges
    Ink Cartridges
    Large-capacity ink cartridges, reduce frequent ink refills and save time.
  • Printing Area
    Printing Area
    70cm printing width, save printing time, best for mass and DIY printing.
  • Key Board
    Key Board
    DTF printer comes with a print button, making adjustments more convenient.
  • Tension System
    Tension System
    Can prevent printing material from wrinkling and ensure printing efficiency.
  • HIWIN Guide Rail
    HIWIN Guide Rail
    Use HIWIN guide rails, smooth and noiseless, ensure efficiency and carriage runs smoothly.

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