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Pros and Cons of UV Printers, DTF Printers and UV DTF Printers

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Main Applications of UV Printers, DTF Printers, and UV DTF Printers

Applications of UV printers: 

Home decoration field, including customization of tile wall, glass sliding door, wardrobes, and so on.

Advertisement field, including labels and packaging, posters and signage, bottle printing, etc.

Other customized products, including leather printing, phone case printing, glass, metal, and 3D objects.

Applications of DTF printers:

DTF printing technology is mainly applied in printing on textile and leather.

Applications of UV DTF printers:

The applications of UV DTF printers are broader, which almost combine the applications of UV printers and DTF printers.


Comparison of UV Printers, DTF Printers, and UV DTF Printers


UV Printer
(e.g. A5 UV Printer)
DTF Printer
(e.g. A3 DTF Transfer Printer)
UV DTF Printer
(e.g. A3 UV DTF Laminating printer)
Printing Media
Phone case/
U disk/Name plate
Leather/Textile, etc.
Phone case/
U disk/Name plate/Textile, etc.
Consumable Needed
UV Ink
Hot Melt Adhesive Powder/DTF Ink/PET film
UV Ink/AB Film/Glue
Printing Steps
1.Set the Software
2.Place the Item on the Platform
3.Set software and Print
4.Wait for Printing to Finish
1.Software processes design
2.Print the design
3.Shake powder
4.Oven Drying
5.Hot Press
6.Tear off PET Film
1.Install AB Film
2.Upload Patterns
3.Press Print Button
Ink Needed
UV Ink
UV Ink
About $2299-$2699
About $1799
About $5899-$5989

Pros and Cons of UV Printers, DTF Printers and UV DTF Printers

UV Printers:


  • The capability of printing on a wide range of materials and surfaces is mentioned in the table and above.

  • Printing clarity, accuracy, and color saturation were improved. Plus, there’s no ink absorption and less chemical interaction with the substrate thanks to UV printing technology, which allows different types of substrates including recycled materials can be made use of.

  • The UV ink is more environmentally friendly because it releases little VOCs.

  • The durability, flexibility, and scratch resistance are improved.

  • Higher production efficiency.

  • The printed pattern has a rich tactile feel.


  • UV ink can cause skin irritation. And it won’t dry without being exposed to UV light.

  • The price of the ink is more expensive because of its particularity.

  • If the printing surface has a certain slope, it may affect the printing quality.

DTF Printers:



  • Ability to print on almost all kinds of fabrics.

  • No pretreatment is needed.

  • Fewer printing steps and faster printing than DTG printing.

  • Extraordinary light/oxidation/water resistance provides a subtle feel when you touch it.


  • The printed color is not as vivid as sublimation printing.

  • The printed pattern lack smoothness and tenderness. 

UV DTF Printers:



  • Breaks the limits of UV printers -- UV DTF printers can print on almost all materials and surfaces.

  • It takes simple steps to finish printing.

  • Support varnish printing and provide higher working efficiency.

  • Other advantages that UV printers enjoy. 


  • You need both UV ink and PET films(AB films).

  • Operators should be cautious about UV ink.

  • Price is a little bit higher because the printer combines the advantages of two types of printers.

Future Trends

We all know that various types of printers and tools had been invented to satisfy more stringent requirements of niche markets, which makes printers more and more professional in a certain field but at the cost of more and more limited functions. Excellent as UV DTF printers that share similar advantages with UV printers and DTF printers, UV DTF printer users can never escape from laminating process. They all have their shortcomings. So we believe that uniting the functions of different types of prints will be the next trend of this industry. Especially in a period of post-pandemic economic recovery, the demand for customers will be stronger and stronger which needs more powerful and efficient printers. 

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