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What do you need to know about dtf transfers

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What do you need to know

This means that your art should show the color of the clothes, thus creating a softer overall final print. DTF already has softer hands than many other transport types. However, by adding openings throughout the design, the ink and adhesive applied to the clothing will be reduced, making the design more lightweight. When the image is large and hard, the clothing will have a thick touch.

With realistic color reproduction expectations. The colors of the monitor and printer are different. We recommend that you use the RGB setting for your design because it provides a larger color gamut, but remember that the DTF printer will use CMYK. Some DTF service companies provide their own palettes. Think of it as going to a paint shop to pick up colors. This allows you to provide customers with a physical sample of colors to choose from and expect the same results when printing.

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If there is not enough surface for bonding, the edges of the design will be lost. This produces rough, mottled edges. Images with hard defined edges do not experience this problem.

Use patterns, fills, and gradients to fade in. Your works can take full advantage of DTF's infinite digital color function. This will also help to distinguish your results from the effects of "vinyl" or "spot color plastisol inks". In addition, when creating art for DTF transmission, you can use photos and color raster illustrations with multiple colors.

Size is not an issue. Through DTF transmission, you can freely adjust your art size for any type of clothing (teenagers or adults). You do not have to promise to print only one size or one location. When you need it, print the content you need in the size and quantity you need.

Consider using variable data. Because DTF is a fully digital product, you can use variable data printing to create personalized transfers in one run. Find out if DTF service providers offer variable data options. This is the ideal solution for adding a single name or number.

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