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Who can enter dtf printer industry?

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Printers with existing customer base in the field of clothing, sportswear or workwear printing should be able to establish DTF workflow to supplement or even replace their current technology with the shortest time, cost and energy. Since no pretreatment or weeding is required, the DTF process is faster and simpler than direct ready to wear (DTG) and more versatile than textile decoration using standard hot pressed film or flocking foil.

We also provide consumables, including DTF ink, pet film and powder, start printing easily.Wide range of applications, can be used in T-shirts, sportswear, shoes and bags, etc.

DTF printing quality is usually very good, and the fabric grip is even better than some DTG processes, although some people think it is slightly worse than standard sublimation printing. However, sublimation printing requires polyester pretreatment or polyester / polyester mixed surface, which is not desirable for fashion or work clothes items.

CMYK+W ink printing, brighter colors, fine ink is not easy to block the printhead.High-precision platform, good quality, small platform error, more stable operation of the carriage.

DTF is a new digital printing technology. Printers currently invested may have to be replaced earlier than expected to ensure the highest quality and reliability, which may harm those waiting for serious investment.

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